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Quick Add - option to move it back to the left


As a user that never shows the UI library and exclusively uses Quick Add I find the new placement much more difficult to access. Quick Add is one of the features that makes Balsamiq attractive because it’s so fast to mockup ideas. This new change slows things down and requires you to move your mouse a lot more.


Hey @alindsay55661, thanks for your thoughts. One thing that should help you a ton is to just use the keyboard shortcut for Quick Add: / or + and then start typing. You don’t even need to use your mouse. What’s nice about that is that you can position your mouse where you want the control, and then hit SHIFT+ENTER in the Quick Add search results, and it will be placed on the canvas where your pointer is. Hopefully that helps!


Yes, this does help. It would be more helpful if the Quick Add drop down showed up as modal (in the middle of the screen) when keyboard shortcuts are used for access. Similar to the command pallets in Sublime or Atom. Having to look over the right is awkward.


We’ve had the same thought. We have some exciting ideas for the future. We’ll have to see where they go. But it’s nice to hear the same thought from you as well. :smile:


I love that feature in Sublime Text, plus it remembers your last selection as of version 3 of Sublime Text.


I tried the ‘/’ shortcut. It does add the control, but unfortunately it always adds it to the top left, instead of where my mouse is located. I have Balsamiq on a 2nd monitor if that makes a difference.


Keith, are you holdind down the SHIFT key when you press Enter?


No, I’m not. Caps Lock is off as well. See the following video. BTW, I disconnected the 2nd monitor, reopened Balsamiq, started a new project, and it still happens.


Ah. My question wasn’t very clear. I was asking if you were trying to hold down the Shift key because when you press enter because if you do, then that is when the control will be placed at the position of the cursor.

Try holding down SHIFT as you press enter from Quick Add. If that’s not working with the SHIFT key, please let us know.


Oh…so holding SHIFT is a requirement??? Now I see. It does work!

Obviously, that wasn’t very intuitive for me.


It’s meant to be a shortcut for people who want it (it being more POWER!) and not the simpler default. :wink: Hopefully that gives you a bit more control. Lots of stuff like this are sort of hidden, but all documented.