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Quick switching between Sketch and Wireframe view


I tend to use the sketch view most often but sometimes I am curious to see how one particular page looks in Wireframe view. Behind the modal screen, I see my current page switch very quickly, but because I am working in a large project, I have to wait for numerous minutes for every other page to initialise (assuming the software doesn’t hang - which it now appears to be doing).

There must be a better way:

  1. Have a menu item/keyboard shortcut to only switch one page individually.
  2. If the switch must be done globally, only initialise pages as I click on them to view them, rather than initialising many pages that I may not look at for many days, or that I may not look at at all before switching the view back.

From the time that I switched to Wireframe view, I have opened a new browser tab, found the forums and created this post with the progress bar stuck at ~35%


Sorry for the hassle @Ryan. It seems like this may be a huge project. :slight_smile:

I’ll be happy to give this a try, in case you can share the project with us. Totally fine if you can’t but I’d love to see if we can help here.

The good news is that changing the skin used for a project should be much faster in the native version of the app that we are preparing. Still no ETA for the official release of the new Desktop version, but we’ve just started the private beta for our new web version!

That being said, I will also let the team know about your suggestions and see what they say.