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Radio Button Group - as a horizontal list

The Radio Button group widget seems to do everything I need - except it only supports a veritcal alignment of the buttons.

I’m looking for a horizontal grouping of the buttons. Is that possible with this widget?


Meanwhile I’m creating a symbol which is a row of individual ‘Radio Buttons’ - which seems like the default approach. But before going further I thought I would check if there is a horizontal option to the Radio Button group?


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There isn’t @Tece, but it’s something we have talked about.

I have added your comments to our story about it. Once these desktop apps ship, we will look at features like this. :slight_smile:

It would be useful for both radio button groups and checkbox groups to have horizontal and vertical layouts.

The workaround of grouping N radio buttons together works, but adjustments to text means having to move N-1 elements to space them correctly afterwards.

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