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Radio Button Group/Checklist Group is broken when using {color} tags in Version 4

When using {color} tags in radio button groups/checklist groups in Version 4 their rendering is broken.

The problem can be seen here with radio button groups:

This was permitted in Version 3:

Thanks, Paul.

I’m having trouble reproducing this one.

Can you paste the formatting you’re using so that I can test it?

I’m on 4.0.24 of the macOS app.

Thanks again for the report, my friend.

Hi @Brendan,

Thanks for the response.

This is the text in the control:

(o) Local {color:999999}- Publish items to "Source Server Name"{color}.
( ) Remote {color:999999}- Publish items to another server.{color}

I was on 4.0.23 but upgraded and saw the same behaviour on 4.0.24.

Aha, interesting. (and I realize now that it was broken in my screenshot, and I just missed it - it’s been a morning :slight_smile: ).

We will get it fixed.

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I can confirm the radio button/checklist ground rendering error is fixed in version 4.0.26.

Thanks all at Balsamiq for getting this fixed. :slight_smile:

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