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Radio Buttons and Radio Buttons Group


Hi there,

for my project I use some Radio Buttons Groups. For some options I have two or three lines. Using line returns I do that, but then it’s aligned middle and looks not really clear, like that:

I’d like to have text and radio button itself aligned top, like this:

Right now I have my workaround, I use radio buttons and text controls. However, I feel like it’s not the smartest solution.

Do those centered Radio Buttons look strange just to me? Could you implement something to make radio buttons and radio buttons groups look more attractive?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi @Liubi,

I’ve added your request for top alignment of text and Radio button when using multiple lines on these controls.

Could you please detail on what would make them better for you, we’d love to have your feedback about this. Feel free to send us a mail to if that’s easier for you.

Thanks for your time, as always! :smile:


Hi @Virgin ,

I can hardly imagine a situation when someone would need a centrally aligned multi-lined radio button groups (like it is implemented now and like it’s on my first picture), however I assume there could be such situations. So I’d like to have this widget more “flexible”. It would be really nice to have options for Alignment Left, Center, Right, Top, Middle, Bottom like this:

In order to have the following options:

And then we could be also flexible in using these widgets. Also I can imagine having those options with checkboxes.

Maybe someone else could also find it handy?