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Recentagle Control - 5px width won't work

Hi Friends,
I’ve got a recentagle that I would like to make 5px wide, but the value won’t take. Instead it jumps to 10. Please please tell me I am doing something wrong?

Thank you.

Hi @Doug,

Great question, my friend. You’re not doing something wrong - there is a 10px minimum which is a manifestation of the vision of the product as a low-fidelity, not-pixel-perfect, sketchy wireframing tool.

There has been some discussion in the forum here on this issue and that might help put this in context:

There’s a reasonably simple workaround from Peldi in that first thread:

I’ll give you another workaround to make things smaller, which might be faster than the crop trick: duplicate it, drag the copy down a bunch, select both, group, then resize the group. Then ungroup and delete the copy.

I just ran through it and it seems to work well. Here’s a GIF:


Of course, it’s not as simple as just being able to explicitly set the width.

We track all feature requests formally so I’ve added this discussion to that tracking which helps us prioritize.

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