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Referencing a mockup from a Word document


Is there a method or process to reference a mockup from a Word document?



There aren’t any integrations that I know of, Michael.

But, that being said, you could export the Mockup to PNG and place it in your word document.

Would that work for what you’re trying to accomplish?


Could I do what you suggested in bulk, because I have 56 mock ups?


You can export all your mockups with Shift + CTRL + R.

It also looks like you can imbed a PDF into a Word Document which would cut down on having to have seperate pages for each mockup.

I think that actually is the better solution, Michael. Sorry I didn’t bring it up first :slight_smile:


Yes that’s what we’ve done, used an embedded PDF.
We need to use document version numbers so I’ve been putting these within the mockup notes - just wondering if there is any specific field for this sort of thing that I might have missed? (I’m on 3.1.8) Or anything else to help track changes between mockups…


Thanks for getting in touch about this @kati!

First of all, I would suggest updating to the latest version (3.3.12) from this page. We recently implemented a bunch of new features and, most importantly, added a new backup system.

About your need, here are two suggestions that may be useful:

  • You can use the alternates feature to keep all your versions within the same mockup, as shown below:

  • You can also use the new hierarchy system we recently introduced to create a simple parent/child relationship between your mockups (using TAB) and hide them as needed:

Would that work for you? Please let us know if you need more, we’ll do our best to help! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick reply; I haven’t used alternates much but it’s not really what I was looking for in this case - I don’t want to store lots of different versions in the same file but it would be nice to be able to easily identify what I’ve updated when sending new versions of the mockups to other people. At the moment I would use the mockup notes to list everything that I’ve changed, and hope I remembered them all :wink:


That was my thought, but I wanted to make sure you knew about those features already. :slight_smile:

I’ve added a feature request for your need, so we can discuss it further with the team, and consider it for the future. As always, if others would like to see this feature, please let us know (or add your Like/Heart vote above) to help us prioritize this request.

In the meantime, notes might be the best way to track those versions indeed.