Refresh image assets from original files with just one click

Hi Balsamiq Team,
I use several images in a Balsamiq project. The original images on the disk can change time to time, but it’s filename not. After I have imported an image there in no easy way to refresh the image from the same file it has been imported from. I have to refresh a bunch of images at the same time so I would very appreciate a bulk refresh of image assets.

Something like this:

Hi @Boviz and thanks for the request.

This is an interesting suggestion and, perhaps surprisingly, one that we’ve not heard before (because it’s possible that your use case is unique or people are happy using the existing “Import new version” option one asset at a time).

No matter. I’ve gone ahead and written up an internal ticket to track this. Thank you!

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Hi @alasdair, thanks for your quick response.

My use case: I create a wireflow diagram of mobile screens with Balsamiq Wireframe where some screens are also visible as thumbnails. Thumbnails are the exported images of screen wireframes. After I edit a screen I would like to see the change in the thumbnail image too.

In the era of Mockups 1.0 it was a working feature since images were bound to the files. Modifications in the files automatically reflected in mockups. With the assets and the new import function it has gone.

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