Registration info for Mockups for Desktop - 2.2.22

My manager agreed to pay the registration for Balsamiq 2.2 and I installed it on Win 7. More recently, my employer issued new laptops with Win8, and I lost my original registration info.

I have tried repeatedly to use the web-form to reguest my registration info, but nothing seems to have been sent (to my gmail and/or corporate email accounts).

Who can help me with retrieving my 2.2.22 registration info, so I can continue using the software I purchased on the new Operating System?

Hi Travis!

Sounds like you’ve already tried our License look up here to no avail!

License Information is connected to the email on record (usually the purchaser’s email) so it may not be one of your email addresses.

We have some additional suggestions for finding licenses here:

Send us an email to with whatever information you have on your license (possible emails, purchase dates, etc), and even if we can’t find it immediately, we can get you a trial extension to keep you working.

I hope this helps!