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[Regression] Paragraph of text control is not searchable by "paragraph"


When using the quick add control, “paragraph of text/text” is not addable via typing “para” - there is no mapping of the keyword paragraph to the “text” component


Hey Colin, sorry for the trouble. This is a change that we made to make things easier for new users. I know it’s tripped me up a couple times. After a few times, hopefully your muscle memory adapts and you’re able to use “text” instead. Thanks!


One other quick follow up. Typing para will still bring up the Text control in the list; it just won’t be first in the list.

However, if you type parag which is almost just as fast, the Text control will be first. So you can decide which will be eaiser to retrain yourself with. :smile:


Ah - This tripped me up today as well. I was trying to figure out what an “h rule” had to do with “para” - but looks like I’ll be typing “parag” from now on!


Just so you know what’s going on (I always like to understand things better :wink: ), when you search with Quick Add, it’s doing a text search on your string against the control names and their synonyms. One change in B3 is that we only list the control name in the Quick Add results, whereas in 2.2, we listed the name and all of the synonyms. However, if you hover over a control in the results, you will see a tooltip with all of the synonyms. Now the sorting in that list is determined first by control name, and then by synonym, where the results are sorted alphabetically.

So in this case, para doesn’t match any control name (since we renamed Paragraph to be just Text), so Quick Add is sorting based on synonyms. One of the synonyms for H. Rule is “separator” which has “para” in it. :slight_smile: Since H. Rule is alphabetically higher than Text, it shows up first.

Maybe that’s more info than you need, but I know I felt better when I understood it a bit more. :slight_smile: Cheers!