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Renaming a button will mess up Balsamiq


Hi Balsamiq community!

My Balsamiq V3.3.14 is messed up when renaming a button. The inspector then looks like this and clicking Help > About tab will also just be empty:

I cannot really do anything when this happens: Undo does not work.
I have to close Balsamiq but when I re-open performing the renaming action will cause the problem again.
De- and re-Installation of Balsamiq did not change it.

I cannot continue working on my mockup :frowning:

I recently updated from Win 7 (64 Bit Pro) to Win 10 but the issue already occured on Win 7.


short update:
currently it works thumbspressed with this workaround

  1. Quit Balsamiq
  2. Copy the mockup file
  3. Open the duplicated file in Balsamiq

However: In the working mockup file the button is just a button component while in the screenshot of my first posting you notice the button selection will say it’s a “Group” in the inspector. I was wondering before because I was quite sure I never grouped this button in the first place (it was just a button component and not more)


Oh wow, that is no good. Sorry about that @BunchofSage.

I’m trying to reproduce it in my Windows 7 VM. Are there steps that will reproduce it pretty reliably? I want to figure out what’s going on here so that we can get it fixed.

Let’s make sure you are running the most up-to-date version of Adobe Air. An old version of Adobe Air could cause weirdness like this.

If it’s easier for you, you can email us at, and we can go back and forth over email with this. If it’s possible, emailing us the BMPR file may also help.

Sorry about this! We will get to the bottom of it.