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Renaming mockups based on current order


Hi. I’ve manually rearranged the order of my mockups to the order I want them in. I’ve duplicated some and moved them around, and now they are not named in the correct order - for example they’re named as New Mockup 1 Copy 1, New Mockup 1 Copy 5, New Mockup 1 Copy 2, New Mockup 1 Copy 7 etc. This causes me problems when I export them as .png files - there is no way to retain the order I want them in. Is there a command to rename them all, based on their current order in the list? Thank you


Hi @Jack_Henriques,

While we don’t have any related option for now, I’ve added it to our internal tool so we can discuss it with the team. Thanks for sharing your need about this. :slight_smile:


I second this request. It would be great to have an option when exporting to “append order number” to the file name, so every file would be named 1_mockup, 2_mockup, etc. (where mockup is the name of the mockup).