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Renaming Symbol Libraries in Balsamiq on Google Drive


To rename a Mockup, a user can double-click on its name in the Project Browser. However, this same action has no effect for Symbol Libraries. Is this a bug, or should this be considered a Feature Request?


If it feels like a bug to you, that’s good enough for us. :slight_smile:

This is coming in the next release though. Sorry for the trouble!


No worries. I am new to Balsamiq and the community, and am still learning what can (and how it can) be done. I very much appreciate the sentiment for bugs being good enough. That speaks volumes about your commitment to this (so far) wonderful tool.

Thank you.


I don’t see a way to rename a symbol (I am using mybalsamiq).


Hey @sumedh_inamdar,

To rename a symbol in myBalsamiq, you need to be in the symbol library itself. Once there, you can find the symbol you want to rename and then rename it from the property inspector.

Let me know if that works for you!