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Render Shape with text does not show wrapped text


Version: 3.999.145

  • Create a shape
  • Add text to the shape so that the text wraps to a second line
  • Render the mockup as PNG or PDF
    ** Expected: Full text as seen in Balsamiq will render in the resulting PNG or PDF file
    ** Actual: only the first line of text will be rendered.


Thank you so much for letting us know about this! I was able to easily reproduce what you are seeing. I’ve written it up in our internal tracker, and we’ll get it fixed.


I found this problem whilst creating a diagram in version 3.0.4. It is still present in 3.0.5.

I had created a test file and screenshots before I found this ticket so I’ll add them for detail.

View in Balsamiq 3:

Rendered Output

Sample file

shape_multiline_text_export_bug.bmpr (20 KB)


Yes, it is still in 3.0.5, unfortunately. We will post here again when we release the fix for it. Hopefully it should be soon! Sorry for the trouble.


I just run into a problem with PDF export: I have the following control

{“mockup”:{“controls”:{“control”:[{“ID”:“359”,“h”:“77”,“measuredH”:“32”,“measuredW”:“32”,“properties”:{“align”:“left”,“backgroundAlpha”:“0.75”,“borderColor”:“9338051”,“color”:“16777215”,“shape”:“roundRect”,“size”:“13”,“text”:“Online access over cloud service”},“typeID”:“RoundButton”,“w”:“130”,“x”:“1265”,“y”:“380”,“zOrder”:“0”}]},“measuredH”:“457”,“measuredW”:“1395”,“mockupH”:“77”,“mockupW”:“130”,“version”:“1.0”}}

If I export this to PDF, I only see the line “Online access over”, but not the words “cloud service”.

Please look into it, We have lots of text like this in our mockups.

I use Mockups for Windows 3.0.5

Thanks, Andi


Hello all! This is fixed in our upcoming release. We are doing final testing on it today, but you can get it here: Thanks!



I can confirm that this is fixed in release 3.0.7. Thank you for getting this sorted so quickly. :smile: