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Replacing icon-set by own one?


Is there a way to completely replace the delivered icon-set by an own one? The delivered icon set has a lot of beautiful icons, but I want my team to directly use the icons that we already have designed. Plus I´d like to avoid the necessity of a ‘translation’ of all used icons later on.

thanks a lot for you help and hints!!
Best regards, Tobias


Hey Tobias!

You cannot replace the icon set, per se, but you can supplement it with your own icons. We have a help document for that here:

Thats the document for Mockups 3, and it’s written a lot clearer than anything I could hope to write. Let me know if you need information for myBalsamiq instead (the process is a little different.)

Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help! :smiley:


Hey Brendan!

The problem with supplementing is, that this will lead to 800 mixed icons - being quite hard for everybody to find the ones I want the people to use. So when I can´t replace or hide the delivered icons, do you maybe have an idea how I could clearly differentiate my icons from the delivered ones? Maybe I can somehow get my icons in a separate folder or have them in a different color, or…?!?
If I could tell my team to only use the icons recognizable by something - that already would be a suitable solution for me.

And thanks a lot for your support!!


Ahh, gotcha, I can totally see how that could be an issue for you and your team.

There are a couple ways you can differentiate them.

The first way (easiest, but maybe not the most useful for all situations) is automatic. Whenever you import an icon into the icon browser, it shows up under “Assets.” Your custom icons are the only things that show up under assets. This is a screenshot of the custom icons I have in my project:

That’s the best way to put them in a “folder” but maybe not the best way to make them accessible for quick adding.

A way to address that would be to use a custom naming convention for your icon filenames. So maybe [company name]_[icon name]? That way, your team can search for the company name in the icon search field, and it will return all the custom icons you want them to use.

I renamed a few icons to balsamiq_[icon name] and imported them into my project:

Let me know if those solutions would work for your team, Tobias. Aside from folders, do you think there is a better way to manage custom icons? We are always looking for ideas to make things better :smile:


Hi Brendan,
thanks a lot for your feedback! So I´ll add a keyword after “icon” now and tell my team to only use the keyword-matches. I believe that approach will work out just fine :slight_smile:

And of course - I could imagine many more ways:

  1. if icons would have a folder (-structure) in the balsamiq-programm-folder I could ad my own subfolders with own icons and wouldn´t have to use the import; alternatively
  2. when importing: in addition to ‘icon_…’ you could allow something additional (like a special character) to let the system know which folder it should put the icon to; e.g. ‘icon_$own_abc xyz’ could generate a new icon folder ‘own’ and visualize the image there, searchable by ‘abc xyz’, alternatively
  3. you make the assets (import without ‘icon_’) searchable by quicksearch -> there already is an easy accessable folder and only searching for them is missing

best regards!


Awesome, thanks for giving us such detailed suggestions @exnerto!

I 100% agree with you on number 3. I am going to pass it, and the rest of your feedback, to the team so that we can discuss it.

Please let me know if there is anything else we can do for you :smile: