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Replacing the new set of icons with the old set of hand-drawn icons


Thanks for a great and simple product.


Balsamiq’s biggest USP is that it’s really easy to create a wireframe with a scetchy feeling.

Now with the upgrade to version 3 Balsamiq has taken a step away from it’s USP.

For me the hand-drawn icons are more valuable to me than all the new upgrades although the new functionality is of great use as well.

I will stick to version 2 of Balsamiq until there is a way of keeping the old icons as system defaults. I’ve tried adding the old icons as assets but it’s just not the same.

Or maybe there is a way of replacing the new set of icons with the old set of hand-drawn icons in version 3?


Hey @FredrikOviedo, thanks for your thoughts. If that is a deal-breaker for you, then that’s exactly why we have made version 2.2 available still and will continue to provide support for it for a while. You can get the latest version of 2.2 here:

We wrote a blog post about why we chose to go with the Font Awesome icon set: As is noted at the bottom, you can get the old icons and add them as custom icons, and then they will behave almost exactly like the built-in icons. Hopefully that helps a bit!


Also, some of the icons are improperly mapped:
3G -> Black box
Three columns -> Two lanes
Triangle -> Logical OR
Coverflow -> Black box
Redo -> Rotate


Hey @AndreKR, those incorrect mappings are a result of there not being a direct Font Awesome version that we can map to. It’s frustrating but, thankfully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

I’m not sure if you saw, but Font Awesome recently released version 4.4 with 66 new icons, some of which we were directly responsible for. We included Font Awesome 4.4 in Mockups 3.1.8. You can read the blog post about the release here.