Request: Ability to Justify the text in a list


I’ve been using the List feature a lot more recently and loving all the features. I acually have been using it to quickly make alternating stripped grids very quickly. Becuase of that I’ve noticed I can’t choose the justification for text in a list. (I also can easily change the color for text either, but putting []s around it to make it blue tends to be all I need to do so I’ve got a work around.

So I’d love to add this to your long future feature list. In this case I’d want to be able to right justify the list text.


Maybe you could use the datagrid instead, where you can justify the text (e.g. put {1R} on the bottom).
I think there is just the “selection” feature which is not supported by the datagrid. (and putting the links is a bit less convenient)


Thanks for sharing your need @RaeHanley! I’ve added your vote for this one and for adding the color property too.

Here to help if you need anything else. :slight_smile:


Yup, @heringsfilet I have done that before when I’m using datagrids. In this case it’s faster for me to create and update if it’s not in the grid control.

So I figured I’d ask. It’s not the end of the world right now to create a label workaround.

@Virgin Thanks for adding my vote.