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Request - additional Zoom options


Hi guys,

I’m working on a couple of mockups at the moment which are longer than they are wide, and I’m having trouble getting the Zoom at the right level to be able to see what I’m doing - there’s not a lot of granularity in the Zoom In and Zoom Out options and I’m finding that the jump is too large.

If I use Ctrl+0 to fit the whole mockup on the screen, it’s too small. Zooming in cuts off some of the width. Happy to provide my files if you want to see what I mean…

Would you consider adding options to Zoom to fit the mockup widthways / lengthways?


Hey Jess, thanks for the request. I think that we already have what you need. :smiley:

+0 (CTLR+0) will zoom to fit, and will work whether your mockup is tall, or wide.

Let me know if you had something else in mind!


Hi Ben,

I obviously haven’t explained myself very clearly!

I use Ctrl+0 already, but if for example my mockup is a long web page, it’s not always useful for me to see the whole thing - I work mostly on a laptop with a small screen. If I zoom in to work on the menu bar I don’t mind scrolling to see the bottom of the mockup but I don’t want to have to scroll widthways too.

It’s the equivalent of the ‘Zoom to Page Width’ option in Word.

Does that make sense?


Aha! That does make more sense. Thanks for the explanation. I’ll add that to our list to consider.


I see that this topic is pretty old, but I’d like to second the request for a “Fit to Width” option (and a corresponding Fit All to Width option). I’m working a pretty large monitor but my resolution is also pretty large and I’m constantly having to use the “hand” tool to move around the mockup. If I could see the whole width and still be able to scroll up and down, it would be much easier!


Another vote for ‘fit to width’ zoom option, would be very useful.