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[Request] Choose the name when creating an alternate



It would be nice to be able to choose an existing label for alternates right at the time of creation, rather than having to create the alternate and then rename it. Right now it’s 3 clicks > scroll > 2 clicks to give an alternative and existing name.

Related: can the text entry field of the renaming combobox also search for existing names as you type, please?


Hi again @stewartmurrie,

While I totally understand that your workflow might require that you rename an alternate when creating it, some users don’t need to rename alternates (or at least not when creating them).
This is the reason we don’t suggest renaming as a default option and instead tried to offer several ways to do it quickly, such as double-click, right-click or via the drop-down menu.

I’ve added your request about suggesting names from the rename dialog, so we can review it with the team. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us today! :slight_smile:


btw: I love the dropdown feature for alternate names! :slight_smile:


Hi @Virgin! Thanks for your comments. I think there are ways of making it work smoothly for both sets of needs, e.g., a short-click on the “+” button could create the default randomly-assigned name, or a long-press could pop-up a menu of custom names:


I wouldn’t mind having this available. But even better I’d like to see it when duplicating a whole mockup. In that case, I always end up renaming the duplicate right away.