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Request: Fast, quick way to get mockup scrolled all the way to the top and left


Suggestion: Have the “Home” button scroll me automatically up (e.g. like Page Up does today) AND left (something I have to do via a mouse today).

For a variety of reasons and from time to time, my mockups are scrolled right and down. I’ve got a use-case where sometimes I just want to scroll them all the way to the top and left so that I can click through them in sequence and double check that I’ve covered all of the interactions/comments I need to.

It’s really frustrating to have to use my mouse to click in the small area of the scroll bar to scroll left. The Page Up button handles the top scroll so nicely.


Hi. Are you on a Mac or PC? On a Mac laptop keyboard you can use Function+Option+Up Arrow.


Unfortunately, I’m on a PC… :frowning:


I found it easier to press the space bar and move the “page” to the right, instead of clicking the scrollbar. It’s not as smooth as you want, but maybe worth a try :smile:


Pressing the spacebar didn’t do anything for me. :frowning:


the cursor should switch to a hand and you can move the “canvas” by clicking on it and dragging it.
At least this works for me :smile:


Just tried it again, but it just doesn’t seem to work. The space bar makes the hand “grip”, but scrolling on my track pad does nothing. Sad indeed. Still with there was one button to get me back to 0,0.


Home on Windows should get you to the top. To use the hand to grab and drag horizontally on a trackpad on WIndows, you have to do this:

  • Hold the spacebar
  • Hold the left button on your trackpad with a finger (thumb usually if you’re righty)
  • Swipe right with another finger, like index finger.

I’m hopeful that we’ll improve the handing of scrolling with trackpads/mice in future versions, particularly when the native versions get platform updates.


Long story short, it’s hard. Even with a mouse, I don’t really want to use a mouse - I love navigating via the keyboard when I’m able to. So, you get the point. It’s great to learn about the spacebar workaround, and it’s a decent 80/20, but I still long for better. :smile: