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[Request] Linking hints color in PDF


Hi there,

recently in my team we have decided to change selection color in our projects to orange (acording to our guidelines).
And today I’ve exported my project to PDF with linking hints. And in some places I have selections with links together. So the color in such areas is basically a mixture of orange and pink. So it looks really strange, here is an example, In the first tree I have different lines selected and linked, in the second one I’ve selected and linked the same line, you can see how it looks like:

So I’d like to ask if it is possible to choose not just the selection color but also the color of linking hints. That would be handy!


Hey @Liubi,

I’ve added your vote for this one to help prioritizing it for the future. If others would like to see this feature, please let us know here (or add your Like/Heart vote above).

Thanks for the request @Liubi!


I would love this feature. The default link color is quite unappealing and actually makes certain text very difficult to read.


I would love this feature too!


I would love this feature also!


+1 for the ability to define the “linking hints” colour used in PDF export. It would useful to be able to set the opacity.