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Resize multiple


When I select e.g. 3 objects, the size shows the overall size taken by the 3 objects together and when i change the size, it resize the total size, not the size of that 3 objects. This is wrong and unstandard behaviour, all other applications in this case shows in this case empty input, if the sizes of that objects differs, or single value, if they all got the same size, and changing the value changes the size of every single object. And if you want to change overall size, you need to group that three objects and change the size of the grouped object


Hey @Tomas_Kapler,

I’ve added the request so we can talk more about it with the team. You’ve brought another good discussion today, thanks for that! :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend!


Totally agree with @Tomas_Kapler, this has been a great nuisance for a while now and I’d love to see this fixed…



Hi @plivanos and sorry for the hassle with this one.

I’m adding your vote for this request but in the meantime, I thought that I would share a feature that we implemented recently:

Resizing one or more controls to match the size of another can be done using the Resize To function in the Edit menu, as detailed here.

This way, you can change the size of only one control and quickly apply the change to other ones.

Hope this will help to ease the pain! Anything else, we’re here.