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Resizing all mockups in a project to fit on screen

So far, loving the benefits Balsamiq 3 provides.

However, I would like to request an enhancement to be able to select all mockups and resize them all at the same time. Walking through the mockups and resizing them individually is arduous and time consuming every time I open the project. Especially with the lack of real estate in the new layout… it is ever more important to be able to get the entire mockup in view. This enhancement would greatly improve the experience.



@meldeliz I’m curious, when you say “resize” do you mean you’d like to be able to set the zoom level on all mockups to be the same?

im looking for this too.
as im updating similar items in many mockups, im zooming in on them.

we can zoom in/out with ctrl+mouse thumb wheel or ctir+ +/-
ctrl+0 resets the zoom of a mockup to the default size

i’d like something like:
view > zoom > zoom all mockups to default size
something like shift + ctrl + 0 could be the keyboard shortcut

Hi @q5tmp,

Thanks for detailing your needs on this.

I totally understand that a way to zoom in/out on different mockups at the same would be a saving some serious time in your case. I added your vote for this feature request in our internal tracker so we can consider it for the future.

We appreciate your feedback, please keep it coming! :wink:

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Hi all,

We just released our latest version (3.2.2) including the new Zoom All to Fit and Zoom All to Actual Size options! Hope you’ll enjoy it! Thanks for requesting it. :smile:

You can get the new version (3.2.2) here:

And the complete release notes are here:


Way to Go!
Thank you.

I’m a developer as well.
It’s good to see other teams working together. :smile:


I’m loving it! Thanks for this.