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Resizing grouped objects gets ugly


Just a quick note on a bug I’ve stumbled across. I just grouped a set of controls and mistakenly resized it down to something tiny instead of dragging the group as I had intended. Upon CTRL+z to undo the resize, the sizes and alignment of my controls went all crazy. Fortunately, I had just created this page as an alternate to another page, so recovery is easy… but if I had to rebuild this whole thing I’d be a little cranky about it.


Ugh, I’m sorry about that @ChrisUX. This was a bug we thought we squashed a while back.

Would it be possible to share the project file with us so we can poke at it and see what our fix missed?

Thanks for telling us about this - we want to get it fixed for good!


I’ll try to recreate it in a new project file and will gladly pass it along.


Thank you, Chris. I know you are super busy, so we really appreciate anything you can do. We will try to reproduce it here as well.


I’ve attached a project that includes one mockup with a couple of alternates. One of the alternates is a clean version of the content, another is what happened after I did a resize and undo.

Have fun!

ResizeAndUndoGetsUgly.bmpr (280 KB)


Perfect Chris.

We will get this fixed. Thank you for taking the time to do this!


You are welcome! I’ve used other tools with more features, but Balsamiq is my new go to tool for quick mockups. I’m happy to help you help me.