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[RESOLVED] Can't save or export to zip/pdf. Balsamiq has no ability to write to hard drive


I know this problem has existed for users before. Balsamiq claims to have fixed it with newer versions. I am using 3.5.5 I know there is a newer version but I will lose a lot of work in progress by updating. Does anyone have any ideas to save my work before updating to 3.5.7?

I am using Sierra 10.12.2 and Balsamiq 3.5.5


Yikes, @Will_Crowe, that’s no good.

Can you shoot me a screenshot of the error message you are seeing?

Also, let’s check the backup folder to see if it’s able to write files there.

If it’s easier, you can send me an email, and we can troubleshoot from there - whatever works best for you.

I’ll be on the lookout for your response.



Will just needed to reboot. It seems like his Finder and our app had a disagreement, so they stopped working together. A quick reboot of the system resolved that!