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Response to clicking any area on the screen


I am trying to mimic functionality of an iphone screen where when the user touches any part of the screen except for select areas the program does something. Basically, the whole screen except for a small area is acting as a button. Is there a way to implement this?


Hi again @floatingkeyboards! :slight_smile:

Our little tool has low interactivity on purpose but the Linking feature might help you to demonstrate click-through prototypes.

Here is a way to create a link area from a control that doesn’t natively support it.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions, we’ll be here to help!


Ok, thanks very much. when I change the button to a label, the program wont let me resize the label vertically. It only lets me resize the label horizontally.

Also in the instructions that you linked me to, in following those steps, I can’t find the rectangle control. Towards the top of my screen, I see a list of about 10 different kinds of controls. Also, I see a dropdown for “more controls.” I searched through all of this but I couldn’t find the rectangle.


Hi @floatingkeyboards

The ‘Label/String of Text’ control is a single line and can only be resized horizontally. We have a rich set of controls so sometimes finding the right control can take a try or two.

If you’re looking to add text that spans more than one line, try any of these and see which one fits best: Text Area/Memo Field; Paragraph of Text; or Block of Text. That last one doesn’t allow you to edit the text - it just gives you a text placeholder which looks like a block of text.

If the number of controls seems a little overwhelming at first, you can filter them or do a quick search in the “Quick Add” box based on a clue. Take a look at this image to see what I mean:

Start typing “Rectangle” into the Quick Add box and you’ll find the Rectangle control easily. Just press ‘Enter’ to add it to your canvas.

Hope that helps - get back to us with any other questions anytime, ok?

All the best