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Restore a backup file (bmpr file)


I want to restore a BMPR file to a new project. The new project is already created and I have the BMPR file that I want to load. How can I do this?



Hi @mmeierkwm

Thanks for the post!

If you already have a project in Cloud and you need to add the wireframes from an existing .bmpr project file on your hard disk, just use the menu option: Project -> Import -> Import from BMPR…

The wireframes from the .bmpr file will be added to the existing Cloud project.

If you want to just upload a .bmpr file to Cloud and create a new Cloud project from it, you can do that too:

Get back to me if you have any other questions, ok?



Do you need special permissions to do that? My screen does not look like yours, I do not have the Import icon in the upper left. I only have the ability to change the view, the first two icons.



Hi @mmeierkwm,
You need to be a “Staff member” to create a project. Please check if you are. It looks like in my picture:



That’s correct, @mmeierkwm. Only Staff members (and Space owners) can create new projects on a Space, so this is why the option might not show up on your end.

That being said, since you mentioned that the project you want to import to is already created, you can import your BMPR file directly from the editor, as shown below.

Hope this helps! Any questions, we’re here. :slight_smile:

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That indeed helped, project imported. I was searching help for “restoring a backup” instead of “importing an export”. :upside_down_face:

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