Restore panning to top left after zooming to 100 %

Hi there,

I often zoom into a mockup to work on some details. Sometime I obviously will have to pan the work area to access elements in the lower right parts of the mockup. When I use CTRL+1 to go back to the 100 % view, the panning is not restored to the original view, which means I only see a tiny part of my mockup. As there is no shortcut to pan to the top left (like “home”), I have to do it with the mouse using two scrollbars (or slowly panning with the keyboard shortcuts). Another workaround is first go to zoom to fit with CTRL+0 and then to 100 %, in that case the panning is restored correctly.


Hi, PhilippQF. After zooming, assuming you didn’t pan, CTRL+1 should restore your 100% view where you left off. However, if you did pan, then CTRL+1 would show actual size using whatever top/left coordinate you’re viewing as the top left coordinate at actual size. That behavior is done by design because we’re using your current location and it seems a bit more predictable. Perhaps it’s not as predictable in your use. I’d like to see if others have this problem, since this is the first I’ve heard of it.

Your workaround of CTRL+0 & CTRL+1 is a good reset the view to the upper left corner.