Retrieving Balsamic files when Balsamic opened via Confluence


We have Balsamic in Confluence. I had opened Balsamic via confluence and have spent 7 hours creating a mock up and saving using the save function in Balsamic. When I finally closed balsamic, I cannot find the mock up anywhere in confluence or as a file on my machine.

Hope someone can help


Hey @neilsond, I’m really sorry about the trouble here.

If you were working in Confluence, the Mockup file should be attached to confluence page. You can check for it in the attachments:

If you’re using Confluence server, it will be a .bmml file. If you’re using Balsamiq Cloud, it will be a .bmpr file.

Let me know if it is there, David.


Hi Brendan

I have tried all of you suggestions and still no where to be found.

My workflow is…

Open Confluence

From [Create] open Balsamic

Create Mock up n Balsamic

Hit Save at top left in Balsamic

Name file in save window when prompted in Balsamic and hit save.

I then continue to save as I go.

I then hit the back button which took me back to confluence (probably
should have hit close)

Since that point, the file is no where to be found.

We are using Balsamic Mockups for Confluence version 2.2.32

I have now had to start again

Let me know if there is anything else you would suggest.



Ahh, that helps, thanks David!

If you go into your Confluence profile and check the drafts, are the attachments on those pages? If so, it’s easy to get the macro back on the page itself.

Let me know. :slight_smile: