Reuse VTabs in different mockup pages


I have created a vTab list showing every menu heading, sub heading and sub_sub heading - A very long list.

I intend to use this VTab as the ‘master’ and create a link for each menu and sub items to the relevant mockups.

Is there a way of making this a ‘master item’ whereby everytime the master is edited (such as links updated / list reorganised etc) then the software automatically changes the vtab on each of the mockups?

I hope my question makes sense - i’ve only just downloaded the software - first impressions are very good!!!


Welcome to the forums @fetster!

Symbols should do the trick. Symbols let you create reusable elements that can be used on multiple mockups. You can edit the source to make changes across all your mockups. More details can by found on our Working With Symbols page.

Let me know if that helps. We are here if you need anything else! :slight_smile: