Reusing same mockup


Ladies and gentlemen,
Is there a way to save one mockup for reuse in several projects?

All of our applications use an informational page, like a disclaimer immediately after login. This message is the same for every application so I need it many times.

Mike P.


Hey @Michael_Paparo!

There totally is.

  1. Open the project with the mockup you would like to re-use
  2. Open a new, blank project alongside it.
  3. Drag the mockup from the main project’s navigator into the blank one
  4. Save the project with the single mockup

You now have a template file that you can use anytime you need that mockup in another project. Simply open that project and drag the mockup from one navigator to the other.

Alternatively, you can go to the mockup in your project, and select Project > Export > Mockup to JSON and copy the JSON information to a text file. Then, when you need that mockup, you can import that JSON by going to Project > Import > Mockup JSON and paste the contents of that text file.

Let me know if that makes sense, Michael.


I seem to not be able to drag from one project to another. I’ve tried that before. However, I like the JSON method a lot.

I’ll try that.

Thanks Brendan


The dragging option totally doesn’t work in Jira Cloud. Not sure if that is a bug, or if this option is not available there.


Hi @kimthibault,

The option is not available in our web apps indeed but you can move a wireframe from one project to another by using these steps.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: