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Review mode by default


Is there any way to make Review and Comment the default mode when the editor opens from Confluence? I don’t want non-designers be exposed to the editing controls every time they access my wireframes (and make accidental changes).


Hi @Gyuri and thanks for sharing your need.

At the moment, this is not possible because that feature can only be used from the editor (so it needs editing permissions) but permissions can be set for a specific Confluence page, giving only access to the Presentation mode if needed.

The only downside is that people won’t be able to comment from there, but we’re working on improving this.

I’m also adding your vote for granting access only to the Review and Comment mode, thanks!

EDIT: @Gyuri We’ve discussed it more and we’ll work on giving direct access to the Review and Comment mode directly from the macro. No ETA yet but it’s coming! :slight_smile: