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Reworked symbol not replacing previous


I had a symbol being used as a heading on all my pages that contained a few text boxes, an image, some labels and other things but the layout was screwy and I always said it was but this is what someone wanted so, they got what they wanted.

Well, It was just suggested that I ‘clean it up’ which I did by cloning it. (Just in case they didn’t like what I did so I could revert back to the original.)

I then did my ‘clean up’ and renamed the original to “old” and renamed the new copy to the name of the original thinking it would be replaced through out.

Much to my surprise the original was not replaced on any of my Mockups.

What did I do wrong?



Hey again, Mike. Long time no see! :smile:

I’m afraid that symbols are not associated to a project by name, but by an internal identifier. Thats why your symbols weren’t replaced when you renamed them.

So here is what I would do:

Right now you have Old (which is the old bar, and what all the mockups are associated with) and Original (which is the symbol where you made the changes).

  1. Duplicate Old so that we have a preserved version of the old bar

At this point you should have 3 symbols. Original, Old, and Old Copy

  1. Select “Original” and do CTRL+A to select everything in it. Press CTRL+C to copy everything
  2. Select “Old” and press “CTRL+V” to paste all the new elements in. Verify that all the headers have been updated
  3. Delete Original
  4. Rename Old to Original
  5. Rename Old Copy to Old

Make sure you make a backup of your project before we make those changes - I’d hate for anything to get messed up. I know how hard you have been working on this thing!

Seeing how much work that work around is, maybe we should consider Symbol Alternates as well…I’ll file the feature request.

That’s the magic of the forums. Answer a question and realize “Man, we could do this better.” Thanks for helping us do better, Michael :slight_smile:


Yeah Brendan, been a while…
I knew you’d like that one; it seemed simple enough the way I did it and when it didn’t work…
I figured a bulb was going to go off over your head.

Thanks again,

PS: besides being told that I overcomplicate things, I’ve also heard “only you could have thought of that” a few times as well. I guess I think outside of the box.