Right hand pane jumps to "notes" on every click



I feel like this should be quite a basic fix, but I can’t find anything on Google to help! - I am trying out Balsamiq cloud as an alternative to Axure for some simple mockups, but I keep having an intermittent problem. - I can go from happily working away, to having an issue where every action I take in the app is ignored and just results in the right hand pane jumping to the “notes” field. This prevents me from using any of the options in that pane as every time I click on a checkbox or try to input information it cancels whatever I’m doing and reverts to ‘notes’.

Can someone explain what I’m doing that’s causing the app to behave like this? It seems to be a problem that starts randomly without me changing anything and I’m quite confused why this keeps happening!


Hi @CS1289 and sorry for the hassle.

It sounds like an annoying behavior indeed but we’re not sure about the steps that lead to this. Would it be possible for you to record a quick screencast and share it with us via support@balsamiq.com?

Alternatively, we’ll be happy to set up a quick video call if that’s easier for you.

We’ll do our best to help!