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Right-Justify Labels


I needed to right justify my labels similar to the option that is available in the data grid/table component and when I do that either the text within the label does not move or a part of the text gets cut off. Is there a reason why this keeps happening?


It looks like you’ve stumbled upon the auto-size bug with right-justified labels, @ugovindaraju1. I’m sorry for the hassle it’s causing.

If you turn off auto-sizing (by clicking on it again), the text clipping should stop.

We will get this fixed, Usha. I’m sorry again for any frustration we have caused you with it.


@Brendan, thanks for getting back to me so quickly; I appreciate it. I will try to turn off the auto-sizing to see if it works.


I have the same problem but trick : use a Data Grid as label, edit color of dataGrid in blank and hide row and column

I hope that will be help you


@nitselec Thanks! I will try that as well