Rotate List text individually


I have a list:
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, …

I want it to display like this:


Two things I can’t see how to do in Balsamiq:

  1. Rotate 45 degrees. There is an option to rotate a label, but it seems to be only about 20 degrees
  2. I have a long list. Creating a label for each individual text so as to be able to rotate it is a lot of work. I want to be able to rotate each individual text in the list to 45 degrees.


Hey @emnrd.

Text rotation (and rotation in general) is something we try to use sparingly (and, preferably, not at all) because it can be hard to implement once your design goes into production.

With that said, I will see if this is something we can look into for rotating lists. Creating a label for each of those would be a pain…

If other folks would like to see the list have the same rotation options as the label, like or post below. :slight_smile: