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Rotating a symbol


I just upgraded to Balsamiq 3 and I really like it. However, a lot of the built-in symbols are outdated and so I have imported a number from Mockupstogo. That is great, up to the point where it is not possible to rotate a symbol. For instance, for mobile design, I would like to do a mockup of a site in both portrait and landscape. Right now I can only find portrait iPhone 5/6s and not landscape. I can import them as a symbol and use them, but not in landscape as there is no way to rotate them. The built-in symbols do have that option. Any thoughts?


Hi, @arnehulstein. The iPhone control can be rotated, but if it’s in a Symbol, you have to edit the symbol and rotate the control.

If you’re wanting to only change the rotation of the iPhone control on an instance, when you double click the symbol instance on your Mockup, you can change the orientation for that one instance as well, and it won’t alter the global state of the rotation in the symbol.


Hey @Mike, I think @arnehulstein is trying to rotate these:

I couldn’t figure out a way to do it, besides recreating horizontal versions of the symbols. :disappointed:


Those symbols can’t be rotated, but you can create landscape versions. I created some landscape versions for the relatively sized ones.


Was just about to take a shot at creating these! They look perfect :smile:


Thanks for that guys. Sorry for the late answer as a lot had to be done over the past days.

In the meantime I have used your landscape versions @Mike, but it would have been nice to have them full size.

Though the ability to rotate a symbol would make it all so much easier. :wink:


Oh, out of need, I put my mind to it and then found out how to do this properly. I have made a landscape version of the iPad that is already in mockups to go. Very willing to share it, just don’t know how to save just the symbol and where to leave it for downloading. Any hints?


Hi, @arnehulstein. Awesome. Thanks for offering to contribute it. You can send it by email to


Hi Mike, but is there a way I can save it as a symbol, or should I just send you a project with the iPad in it?


Yeah @arnehulstein you can just make a new project, copy/paste your symbol into it, and mail it to that address. We’ll take care of the rest.