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Rounded corners on buttons


Hey. I know this has been a discussion in the past and I can’t quite track the status of this request/feature, but is it possible to create buttons with rounded corners? They’re pretty popular nowadays.


Hi @Smaranda_Calin

The button control doesn’t have an option for rounded corners, but we do have a Round Rectangle shape control that you could use.

Let me know if that is what you were looking for! :smile:


Hey thanks. I know about that one. But I am looking for something where I can edit the radius so that it ends up something like the spotify buttons. From what i know, the rounded rectangle doesn’t allow you to edit the radius.


Also, there’s no way to write really fast in a geometric shape - like oyu would in a button. Which is what I am looking for. I don’t want to use a shape + a label on top and then have to group them and double click and triple click when I edit them :slight_smile: You know what I mean…


Ahh, now I see. :slight_smile:

Yeah, unfortunately there isn’t a way to edit the radius of buttons. I will bump up the story in our feature tracker so that we can discuss it again. I think adding a property for a more rounded button is worth talking about.

Thanks @Smaranda_Calin!


Hi @Smaranda_Calin,
you can use a “shape” control (instead of a “Rectangle” control), and then choose a rounded rectangle shape. Then you are able to add and edit text without creating a lable control. Just press F2 or double click :wink:
For me it’s a good solution. However, then you are still not able to edit the radius…


Hey. Thanks for the tip. It’s more or less the same as Brendan suggested. I had completely forgotten that I can actually write on shapes. It doesn’t quite have the effect that I was going for though, but I guess you could say it’s on the right track.


I’d also like to see this.

Our software uses a lot of rounded buttons, very similar to the Spotify example @Smaranda_Calin linked to.

For now, I’m happy to use the Rounded Rectangle shape, but being able to represent the right buttons more accurately definitely wouldn’t hurt!