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Row numbers in Data Grid


Hi All,

A little feature that I would like is for a way to show a different ascending number in a data grid, without me having to manually type the correct numbers into each row. A lot of the time, I cut and paste the same row of text multiple times when creating a table.

My idea is that I could insert some special code or macro, e.g. {id} into a Data Grid. This would translate as the row number wherever it appears within the grid. So even if I cut and paste the 10 rows, I would have a different number in each row (possibly in an ID column, but I could see other uses).



Make sense to me, Mike.

Thanks for the idea, my friend. We really appreciate the time you take with these. :slight_smile:


HI Brendan, Mike,

To achieve such things I found a nice trick:

A) one can use TABBED text in grids (TAB) instead of the comma separator

B) that happens automatically, if you copy that tabbed text to/from EXCEL spreadsheets

C) Now you have the XLS as the text “source” where it is easy to create numbering in any manner.

D) usually I even add a cell “=today()” to have the date of the recent change automatically in the text.

If you share contact data, I could offer an xlsx that even creates the column orientation with braces at both ends…