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RTL UI Controls support (Hebrew \ Arabic)


Great product i will recommend my company to buy a license but i have a problem.
can you add RTL UI button on the properties that will reverse the direction of the control when selected?
The control should be on the right side of the text, scrollbars on the left side of textarea,combobox selection on the left everything is just reversed :slight_smile:
for example the radio button,checkbox,combobox and so on ?


Hi @yonih,

Thanks for reaching out and for the kind words! :slight_smile:

We agree that the tool is not perfect for RTL use right now and improving it is something we’d like to do in the future but it’s a huge project since many controls will need to be modified for this. We’ll try to do better once we switch to native (which is our main project right now). I’m adding your vote for this to help to prioritize it for the future.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Please let us know if you need anything else.