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Ruler and guides


I do love Balsamiq, but absence of the Rulers and Guides drives me nuts. Those tools are essential for any wireframing, and has been in Photoshop for years.

I’m asking for something like this (Mockplus):

Please note that guides are always on top.

In addition several options needed:

  • hotkey to toggle ruler (not guides): ctrl+R
  • hotkey to toggle guides: ctrl+H
  • sticky hotkey to disable snapping to guides, typically ctrl


Definitely understand your need here, Dmitry. It’s something we have talked about in the past.

I think it feels a little too much for Mockups as we see it as a starter tool. That being said, I will bring it up with folks again, and we will talk about it.

If other folks would like to have rulers and guides in Mockups, let me know by liking this post, or responding below.

Thanks for taking the time to let us know about this, @Dmitry_Astapkovich. Even if we don’t do it this time, the conversations around it always help.


Hey @Brendan!

I don’t think it’s too much =) And this feature is not really for measuring things, but more for quick and clear alignment of different pieces like labels, images and icons.

Alignment lines

Brendan, this might just solve the whole alignment drag issue mentioned in another post. If you don’t specify to what you want align too, it will be very difficult for the system to know if you trying to align to an element at the top or bottom and if you start having loads of elements on your screen, it gets tricky. Having explicitly defined guidelines, might make this job easier.


I see your need and would also add my vote to it IF you can switch between the proposed fixed ruler and the current “snapping”, which is fine to me in 90% of all cases.


Yes, it should smth like this from original post: