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"Save as" does not remember name and location


Hi there!

When I use “Save Project As”, the file dialog often does not point to the location of the original file but to the desktop, and instead of using the original filename it just takes the project name from within balsamiq as default for the new file name.

This does not happen all the time, but very often. I could not figure out the pattern completely, but my assumption is this happens if I load a file, do changes without saving, and then do Save as. It does not seem to happen with an unchanged/saved file.

Auto Save Every Change is switched off, and I’m saving to a local folder (which is synchronized by Syncplicity, though) on Windows 7 64.

It is quite annoying having to manually navigate to the desired folder and change the file name completely. If this can be fixed easily, please go for it :slight_smile:


Oh man, we hate this bug. I cannot tell you how many times we have “squashed it.”

Just to make sure: You are running 3.5.5, right?

I cannot reproduce it locally, but it sounds like there might be a random element to it (which makes it more fun).


Yes, 3.5.5. Sorry, forgot to mention this.