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Save as functionality stores changes in original document


Dear balsamiqees,

I have another strange behaviour in balsamiq 3.1.2 on MAC. When I am using the Save As … functionality the open document is still referring to the original version and not the newly saved one. That means if I continue working on balsamiq all the changes are not stored in the newly saved as version, they are all stored in the original version from which I did the Save As…
Shouldn’t the opened project be linked to the saved as version as soon as I do my first save as? From logic perspective it is more round for me.
Otherwise I would need to close the original document after my save as… and open the newly created one to continue my work.

Thanks and regards



This is strange …
I just did a few tests and I could not make it happen. The only time where Balsamiq did not switch to a new file was when I overwrote the exact same file.

Here is what should happen:

  1. You use the Save As command
  2. You get a file saving dialog to choose the location and the name. The default suggestion is the current project filename.
  3. When you confirm the dialog and the editor closes the current project window. Then it loads the new file you specified in the save as dialog.

If the whole process was successful then the new project name will show up in the window title.
If you can reproduce it I am eager to know the steps. Thank you!