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"Save" command no longer exits Edit mode change


In B3 version 999.199, the “Save” command no longer exits “Edit mode” (e.g. edit mode for the Paragraph object). In older versions of Balsamiq Mockup, e.g. 2.2.24, “Save” exits Edit mode. Was this an intentional change or bug?

BTW, B3 is awesome!



As far as I know there is no “save” command in B3?!


I guess it’s called “Save Project” (⌘S) instead of just “Save”.
Regardless, ⌘S used to exits “Edit mode” in 2.2.24, but in B3, I stay in Edit mode.


Thanks for the kind words, Michael. I think this was an unintentional feature in the previous version. When you Saved, it would take focus away from whatever you were currently doing. Now, you’ll need to just adjust to use +ENTER (CTRL+ENTER on PC) as the keyboard shortcuts to commit multi-line text. Cheers!


Thanks for the hint!