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"Save Project As..." keeps failing for me. App freezes, must "Force Quit"

Hello! SSIA, but I have to put more content.

“Save Project As…” keeps failing for me. The app freezes, must “Force Quit”

Hey @Ben_Mackie!

It seems like there is a bug in the Adobe Air framework that we use to power Mockups 3 for Desktop, and it’s causing save/export problems in macOS Catalina.

We have a beta version of the app with an updated version of Adobe Air here, but we aren’t sure that will help much as Adobe Air hasn’t been updated since April. We are hoping Harman (the company now in charge of Adobe Air) issues an update soon.

In the interim, you can mitigate the problem by selecting a different directory to save to, and that should allow the app to save without issue.

Let me know if that helps, my friend.

Thanks! I just use the old school finder/wysiwyg way of duplicating/renaming/etc. Not a big deal. Thank God for autosave.