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Save project window goes blank after MacOS Catalina update

Hi. I seem to be facing an issue after updating to MacOS Catalina. Can’t save or cancel after an action of Saving Project. Had to force quit the application.


  1. Open .bmpr from Finder
  2. Save Project As and I rename the filename
  3. Save Project window goes blank (At this point no button can be clicked except the +)
  4. After >60 secs window back as normal but not save
  5. Can’t close on Cancel but Force Quit

That’s really strange, @trizfez. New OSes can be so much fun…

On my Macbook, Mockups 3 runs fine under Catalina, but I did have to grant it permission to the folder where my projects were stored, so maybe there is some weirdness in there.

First thing’s first, let’s close out of the app completely, head to the local storage folder, and delete MockupsSettings.db. Doing that will help us see if it’s just a wonky upgrade bug, or if something else is going on.

Hello. I’ve encountered the same issue which also happens when you are trying to export to PDF. I granted full disk access to Balsamiq3 and also deleted the MockupSettings.db file but that did not resolve the issue. Looks like it might be something with AdobeAir?

UPDATE: I had been saving the project file and PDF’s in the Microsoft OneDrive folders. Once I changed the file location to anything other than the OneDrive location it worked fine.

Ugh @rmousseau. So sorry for the bother here…

The Catalina update seems to be creating a few odd problems here and there. Can you ensure that you have a copy of your project files saved somewhere safe then remove the existing install of Mockups 3 completely (I use and recommend AppCleaner).

Then download version 3.5.17 and install it and let us know if the issue persists, ok?

Ha! We must have been writing at the exact same time. Great news! Thanks for letting us know.

Thanks for the suggestions @Brendan. The bug kinda comes and goes. I think I manage to get the steps to get this bug.

Bug keeps coming when I export the mockups in the same most recent folder multiple times. Till I read @rmousseau solution to save in another folder. I changed the folder and it is working fine now. Currently I’ve been exporting to a Goolge Drive folder.

The export location window will go blank again when I repeatedly export in the same folder after multiple times of exporting. When this happens I just need to switch to a local folder.

Thanks for your support guys! Appreciate it.

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