Saved project is not loading -- showing blank screen


Hi all,

I’m trying to load a saved project – Balsamiq opens, loads as normal, but then I’m presented with just a blank screen, regardless of which wireframe I select. None of the menus open, and all I have is a blank screen.

Attached is a short video showing the issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Screen Recording


Hi @SammyB,

Thanks for getting in touch. Apologies for this but we are investigating an issue with the Google Drive plug-in as I type. We’re on it and I’ll get back in touch with an estimate of the timeline as soon as I have more information.

If you need to work in the meantime, I’d be happy o get you set up with a copy of our desktop app. or a trial of Balsamiq Cloud. Just let me know and I’ll take care of it, ok?


@alasdair – Many thanks for your prompt response.

As this project is time-sensitive, I’d appreciate if you could set me up with the cloud version in the meantime –

One question however:

Will I be able to load this project into the cloud version, or will I be on a blank canvas?

This was a large project with a number of detailed wires, so I’m concerned about losing a significant amount of work (along with the time overhead associated) – Can you clarify this for me?

Thanks again,



Hi @SammyB,

You can easily upload an existing project to the Cloud version. First, head to, click the red “Start Trial” button and complete those steps. You can then download your BMPR project file from Google Drive in the usual way (Right Click -> Download):

Then, log into your Cloud trial account and upload:

From there, everything should look very familiar but, of course, get back to me if you have any issues, ok. Once we fix this, you can easily download the project again:


to get it uploaded back to Google Drive.

All the best for now.


@SammyB Looks like we are back up. You may have to clear your browser’s cache, but Google Drive is running smooth again.

Let us know if you see the same thing.


@Brendan @alasdair - Thanks to you both for the quick updates and getting that debugged.
All seems to be good to go!