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Saving .bmml files


Hi, I am absolutely new to the software and am in a fix. My team is working is some other city have sent me quiet a few mockups in .bmml file. I have made certain corrections in the files and need to send them back in the same format for them to merge the files in the main folder.
The problem is that as i try to save these files, they are getting converted into .bmpr files which the team at the other end are unable to open it .
Can you please help me with this.I am in a big Fix and very very short deadline


Hey @bansalh, I’m sorry about the issue here.

If you use PROJECT > EXPORT > PROJECT TO BMML ZIP, you will get a zip file that contains all the mockups in your project in BMML format. You can open that, and pick out individual mockups to send them, or you can send them the whole thing. They should have no problem opening those.

I’m really sorry about the confusion here. The BMPR format is some we introduced in Mockups 3, and we are moving the rest of our products to that format, but it’s been a huge project. I’m sorry for any issues or hassles you run into in the interim. Please let us know if your team is able to open your exported BMML files!