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Screens creeping to the right


I mentioned this once before about the screens slowly creeping to the right as I go from one to another and then another and yet another.

I recall being told that it was corrected in a release but here I am experiencing it today.

Currently, I have 3.5.5 - 10/13/2016



Hmm, I wonder if the zoom is slightly different between screens.

@Michael_Paparo, if you Zoom all your wireframes to fit (CTRL + SHIFT + 0), do they still creep?


I will try that when I get s chance.


Not to be silly but, was CTRL + SHIFT + 0 supposed to do something?

Nothing seemed to happen. When I went through the 14 screens, they were all in different positions. Some up, some down, a few to the left. Very few were centered in the available area. (navigator open, library closed, inspector closed)



CTRL+SHIFT+0 should zoom all your mockups to fit on the available canvas. I wonder why that’s not working for you.

Let’s try going to View > Zoom > Zoom All To Fit and see if we can manually force it.


Now that did it. All the screens are in the same position.


Oh I know why that shortcut didn’t work, Michael. Windows Co-Opts it. If you want to change it, you can follow the instructions here. Sorry about that, my friend!