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Screenshots from a non-retina monitor on a retina Macbook are scaled to half


When taking a screenshot with Control + Command + Shift + 4 to screenshot to clipboard on a Retina device, Balsamiqs always resamples the resulting screenshot x0.5.

If the screenshot is taken on a retina display - the screenshot is pasted into Balsamiqs at a non-retina size (expected).

If the screenshot is taken on a non-retina display connected to a retina Macbook - the screenshot is pasted into Balsamiqs at a half the original size.

Native OSX applications like Notes have consistent sizes of retina & non-retina screenshots by default (see attached screenshot of UI on retina & non-retina screens).


Hi @Colin_Heics,

Thanks for the post. I don’t want to make any assumptions here - can you let me know which specific version of Balsamiq you’re using and I’ll be happy to help?


I’m using 3.5.16

The behaviour seems pretty temperamental - unfortunately / fortunately, I am unable to reproduce consistently.


Hi @Colin_Heics,

Thanks - it is curious that the behavior is inconsistent. Taking a step back, we’re actually in the process of rewriting new, native versions of the desktop apps to remove our dependence on the underlying Adobe Air framework which we use currently. There are many, many benefits to doing that but having apps that are native on macOS and Windows should help out with non-native issues like this and will give us a lot more control when they do arise.

Its’ not the ideal workaround but you could automate a process whereby screenshots and screensnaps are automatically sized using something like the Automator process described here: How can I get my retina Mac to not take screenshots that are too big?

Would you like me to add your name to the list for an early look at the new, native macOS version of Balsamiq Wireframes which we’re getting close to testing?


Sure - I’m interested in the Beta, but only as a local client, not one integrating with MockupsToGo.